DHM’s officially licensed Peanuts Valentine’s Day limited edition prints avail Friday, Feb 3rd at 12:30 PM-PST!!

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Dark Hall Mansion, www.DarkHallMansion.com, under license from Peanuts Worldwide LLC, brings a very special treat to all this Valentine’s Day, and with varied choices at that, via our official Peanuts limited edition print releases by artists Dan May, Steve Thomas and Mike DuBois, all available this Friday, February 3rd at 12:30 PM-PST!!

Artist Dan May’s powerful and emotionally charged piece struck us deeply on seeing his completed painting, indeed one of the most touching and emotive Peanuts pieces we’ve ever been privileged to publish. It addresses with honesty the inevitable issue that Valentine’s Day is as much about unrequited love and the challenges of this day as it is about love itself.
Dan’s “FRIENDS ARE ALWAYS THERE” finds Snoopy pensive, hesitant, clearly something has gone wrong, his very environment reflecting this,
yet Dan specifically noted to us how he wanted his piece to be an uplifting message of love, and just as Woodstock’s valentine butterfly rises to
remind his friend that, come what may, friends are indeed always there
for one another, we too are reminded to have faith in love in its countless incarnations. Dan’s evening Variant similarly conveys this message with
a pastel Valentine’s moon and wishing star underscoring things can
indeed better.

Artist Steve Thomas’ “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, CHARLIE BROWN” brings us a touching and elegant rendering that finds Snoopy and Woodstock happily preparing valentines for all as Charlie Brown approaches his beloved “little red-haired girl.” Strikingly composed, the ‘will she or won’t she’ moment is pure Schulz in tone and one whose combined hesitance and hopefulness we can all relate to. Most fun is that Steve’s two different prints allow fans to choose their own ending, especially as Steve’s Variant pink edition offers up a charming moment many long for via a distinctly varied silhouette and which might just prove that special valentine.

Artist Mike DuBois’ “LOVE FOREVER” is pure joy! An absolute celebration of love itself, its happiness not confined to Valentine’s Day but love to bask in and delight always. Mike’s detail work is always a visual treat, his tree of love raining hearts a sight to see, but the sheer joy with which Woodstock gathers hearts while in flight as they gently tumble, then cascades those same hearts down upon his closest friend who ecstatically celebrates via
his classic happy dance, this is a true celebration of love, life and its multitude of faces. Mike’s Variant pink edition is pure eye candy, while
his insane foil editions, which are usually his most popular with our buyers and so quickest to sell, are printed and offered via two different foil paper substrates which stunningly compliment his artwork for “LOVE FOREVER.” Monitor images do not properly showcase Mike’s foil editions, note for example the ground covering which allows the foil substrate to shine through along with other areas of his editions.

FREE Valentine’s gift!! Every Mike DuBois print comes with a free random mini-Valentine’s DuBois print of Snoopy or Woodstock that makes for a special Valentine treat to give away! :) A FREE mini-print accompanies each DuBois print so, YES, 2 DuBois prints means 2 DuBois smalls, 3 DuBois prints, 3 DuBois smalls, etc.

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All DHM officially licensed Peanuts limited edition Valentine’s prints will
be available Friday, February 3rd, exclusively via DHM’s dedicated store page at: http://darkhallmansionstore.com at 12:30 PM-PST!!

Our Dan May and Steve Thomas prints are strictly limited, hand numbered, giclee editions. Note there will also be a very select canvas edition run of just 10 pieces worldwide for each of their prints. For those preferring small format prints there is an 11″ x 14″ pairing of the Standard + Variant editions available for May or Thomas as well. Mike DuBois editions are screen printed, hand numbered, individually signed by the artist and each comes with a free mini DuBois print.

Standard 18″ x 24″ edition of 280 $65
Variant (pink moon) Edition of 50 $95
Select 18″ x 24″ Canvas Edition of 10 (based on Std editon art) $150
Select 18″ x 24″ Canvas Edition of 10 (based on Variant pink moon art) $150
2-Print Set: 11″ x 14, includes BOTH Std + Variant Dan May paper editions $55

Standard 18″ x 24″ edition of 280 $65
Variant (pink) Edition of 50 $95
Select 18″ x 24″ Canvas Edition of 10 (based on Std editon art) $150
Select 18″ x 24″ Canvas Edition of 10 (based on Variant pink art) $150
2-Print Set: 11″ x 14, includes BOTH Std+Variant Steve Thomas paper editions $55

Standard 12″ x 12″ edition of 195 $45
Variant (pink) 12″ x 12″ edition of 175 $60
Foil Lava-Standard Printed on Lava Foil Edition of 45 $75
Foil Sparkle-Standard Printed on Sparkle Foil Edition of 45 $75
Foil Lava-Variant (pink) Printed on Lava Foil Edition of 45 $75
Foil Sparkle-Variant (pink) Printed on Sparkle Foil Edition of 45 $75

© 2017 Peanuts Worldwide, LLC

NOTE: Our Valentine’s editions begin shipping IMMEDIATELY! They start shipping the very first day we go on sale, Feb 3rd, through the weekend and into the beginning of next week so they can arrive in time for Valentine’s Day! Enjoy + THANK YOU ALL for your kind, continued support, truly appreciated!!

In fairness to all collectors wishing to purchase DHM’s official Peanuts Valentine’s Day editions, please understand all sales are final.

Dark Hall Mansion is a labor of love. We are passionate about art, about the work of print and poster artists present and past, here and abroad. We are committed to bringing their skills to the forefront on projects both compelling and exciting, and bridging their studios and creations directly with your walls and personal collections.

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