DHM’s official “SESAME STREET” Tom Whalen limited edition prints avail Oct 27th!!

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Dark Hall Mansion, www.DarkHallMansion.com, is honored to debut our latest official limited edition screen print release for a true and most beloved timeless classic, “SESAME STREET” by artist Tom Whalen and available this Friday, Oct 27th at 12:30 PM-PST!

Dark Hall Mansion, under license from Sesame Workshop, is so very pleased to take fans back to a simpler time, or perhaps allow them to share their own memories with family, friends and loved ones, but no matter which, there’s always love for “Sesame Street” and its inimitable classic characters. Artist Tom Whalen gathers all the old friends, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Bert and Ernie, the Count, Elmo and more, on the friendliest Street, the street and neighborhood where everyone is welcome! Tom’s limited edition screen print is a 14-color multi-monster explosion of joy with old friends and episode memories alike; Ernie’s rubber ducky, Bert’s bottle caps, Oscar’s little friend Slimey, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Super Grover in flight, Elmo and best friend Dorothy, the Count, well, counting, they’re all here! Anchored by three of the most unforgettable and beloved friends that have helped shaped lives for the better, brought smiles to millions of children worldwide and helped raise generation after generation, where would we be if not for one wonderfully cranky Oscar the Grouch, the friendliest Big Bird who reminds us all that kindness matters in this world and, of course, the irrepressible and irresistible charm of the one and only cookie crazed Cookie Monster! A legacy quite unlike any other, “Sesame Street” and its characters are a gift to us all, a gift to humankind itself.

“SESAME STREET” limited edition Tom Whalen screen prints go on
sale this Friday, October 27th, on DHM’s dedicated store page at: http://darkhallmansionstore.com 
at 12:30 PM-PST with prints available in Standard and Variant
“Big Bird” colorway editions as well as two Foil editions printed
on silver and gold foil substrate.

Standard Edition of 280  $55
Variant “BIG BIRD” edition of 50 $85
Silver Foil Edition of 10 (printed on silver foil stock) $125
Gold Foil Edition of 10 (printed on gold foil stock) $125

All screen print editions measure 18″ x 24,” are 14-color
screen prints, hand numbered, and officially licensed by
Sesame Workshop.

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*In fairness to all collectors wishing to purchase DHM’s official 
“SESAME STREET” Tom Whalen limited edition screen prints:
Please understand all sales are final and allow 6-8 weeks for

Dark Hall Mansion is a labor of love. We are passionate about art, about the work of print and poster artists present and past, here and abroad. We are committed to bringing their skills to the forefront on projects both compelling and exciting, and bridging their studios and creations directly with your walls and personal collections.

Sesame Street ® and associated characters, trademarks and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop.  
© 2017 Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved.

More information can be found on these and other editions available
from Dark Hall Mansion at www.DarkHallMansion.com

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